Town Meeting

Items below will be posted to the web page as they become available:

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1.) Town Meeting Rules and Procedures

2.) Moderator’s Declaration of Recess and Continuance

3.)  Town Meeting Warrant (in its entirety)

4.) Warrant Committee Report and Recommendations (Blue Book)

  • Includes Report of Capital Budget Committee

5.) Town Meeting Motions (in their entirety)

6.) Order Articles will be Considered at Town Meeting

7.) Detailed Information by Article

8.) Article 1 다운로드. Establish Salaries for Elected Officials for FY2021 (Board of Selectmen)

9.) Article 2. Authorize Amounts for Revolving Funds (Board of Selectmen)

10.) Article 3 Oracle 10g 32bit download. Appropriate the FY2021 Operating Budget (Board of Selectmen)

11.) Article 4. Appropriate the FY2021 Capital Budget (Board of Selectmen)

12.) Article 5 다운로드. Hear/Act on Committee Reports (Board of Selectmen)

13.) Article 6. Appropriate for Road Construction, Reconstruction and Improvements (Board of Selectmen)

14.) Article 7 전화 아이콘 다운로드. Appropriate for Unemployment Compensation Fund (Board of Selectmen)

15.) Article 8. Appropriate for Sick Leave for Retiring Police Officers (Board of Selectmen)

16.) Article 9 다운로드. Appropriate to Conservation Fund (Conservation Commission)

17.) Article 10. Create and Appropriate for Capital Stabilization Fund (Board of Selectmen)

18.) Article 11. Appropriate to the Dover Stabilization Fund (Board of Selectmen)

19.) Article 12. Appropriate for Hale Reservation Restriction Appraisal (Board of Selectmen)

20.) Article 13. Appropriate Free Cash to Fund the FY2021 Operating Budget (Board of Selectmen)

21.) Article 14. Appropriate for One-Time Projects (Board of Selectmen)

22.) Article 15. Appropriate the FY2021 Reserve Fund (Warrant Committee)

23.) Article 16. Appropriate for Unpaid Bills of Prior Years (Warrant Committee)

24.) Article 17. Supplemental Appropriations to Article 4 of the 2019 Annual Town Meeting (Warrant Committee)

25.) Article 18. Amend Zoning Bylaws – Accessory Apartments (Planning Board)

26.) Article 19. Water Use Restriction Bylaw (Board of Health)

27.) Article 20. Accept Massachusetts General Law Chapter 40U – Municipal Fines (Board of Health)

28.) Article 21. Accept Massachusetts General Law Chapter 59, Section 5 – Property Tax Deferral for Seniors (Board of Assessors)

29.) Article 22. Accept Massachusetts General Law Chapter 59, Section 5 – Property Tax Exemption for Persons Over 65 (Board of Assessors)

30.) Article 23. Accept Massachusetts General Law Chapter 60, Section 3D – Elderly and Disabled Taxation Fund (Board of Selectmen)

31.) Article 24. Amend Part II of the General Bylaws – Cemeteries (Cemetery Commission)

32.) Article 25. Payment in Lieu of Taxes (“PILOT”) for Solar Installation at Town Garage (Board of Selectmen)

33.) Article 26. Amend Part II of General Bylaws – Demolition Review (Historical Commission)

34.) Article 27. Accept Stagecoach Lane as a Public Way (Citizen’s Petition)

35.) Article 28. Appropriate Additional Buses for Chickering Elementary School (Citizens’ Petition)

36.) Article 29. Appropriate for a Traffic Study Related to School Start Times (Citizen’s Petition)

37.) Article 30. Transfer from Free Cash to Stabilize the Tax Rate (Board of Selectmen)