Town Clerk

The Town Clerk handles the recording and preservation of vital records, including:

  • CODES of the Town of Dover (formerly called By-Laws)
  • Birth, death, marriage certificates
  • Board of Appeals filings

The Town Clerk’s responsibilities also include:

  • Certification of candidates’ nomination papers
  • Supervision of voter registration
  • Conduct of all elections (Town, State, Federal)
  • Issuing of absentee ballots
  • Recording the annual town census, jury list, and street list
  • Posting notification of all meetings of all town governmental bodies, and keeping of the resulting meeting minutes thereof
  • Town Meeting Minutes
  • Certification of all actions voted at Town Meetings (The Town Clerk
    forwards these to the Attorney General’s Office of the Secretary of
    the Commonwealth, and Department of Taxation for approval)

The Town Clerk also issues licenses and permits including:

  • Marriage Licenses
  • Permits for Raffles and Bazaars
  • Business Certificates
  • Dog Licenses
  • Fuel Storage Permits

Contacting the Town Clerk

Office Hours:
Mon, Wed: 9 AM to 3 PM
Tues, Thurs: 9 AM to 4 PM
Fri: 9 AM to 1 PM

Office Location: 2nd Floor of the Town House, 5 Springdale Ave Octave download.

Phone: 508-785-0032 ext. 226
Fax: 508-785-2341
Email: info @

Mailing Address:
Town Clerk
P.O 다운로드. Box 250
Dover, MA 02030-0250


Position Employee Email
Town Clerk Felicia Hoffman Elected to a 3-year term (Term expires June, 2020)
Assistant to the Town Clerk Darlene Heidke


Constables enforce election laws 다운로드.

Position Member Term Expires
Constable William H 다운로드. Herd 2022
Constable Margaret Crowley 2022
Constable Andre G. Boudreau 2022

Dover Town Code Description of Responsibilities

Dover Town Code

§ 4-9 다운로드. Term of office; bond; powers and duties from the Town Code.
There shall be a Town Clerk elected for a three-year term. The Town Clerk shall annually take a census of the Town as of January 1 혁오 멋진헛간 다운로드. The Town Clerk’s duties and authority shall include, but shall not be limited to, those specified in M.G.L. ch. 41, §§ 1, 13, 15.

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