Dover is Considering Designation as a Green Community

The Board of Selectmen has asked the Long Range Planning Committee and the Planning Board to evaluate and investigate the benefits of the Town of Dover becoming a so-called designated Green Community pursuant to MGL Chapter 25A Section 10(c) 다운로드. This program is administered through the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources and to date, of the 351 cities and towns of Massachusetts, approximately 160 have been certified as Green Communities 다운로드.

Once a town has satisfied the five criteria (listed below) to become certified as a Green Community, it may then apply for project-specific grant monies which, once awarded, may then be used toward energy conservation measures on that project 다운로드. The amounts awarded communities can exceed $125,000. For further information, refer to this link on Requirements for Becoming Designated as a Green Community 막상막하.

For the past six months the Long Range Planning Committee and the Planning Board have reviewed this matter in considerable depth and believe it has substantial merit, and should be pursued 다운로드. Town Planner Gino Carlucci successfully guided the Town of Sherborn through this process in 2011. As of this writing, Sherborn has received approximately $215,000 in grant monies 날씨의 아이 다시보기. A list of recent grant awards is available here 황금공자 다운로드. Mr. Carlucci’s particular expertise in this area will greatly assist in achieving Green Community certification for the Town of Dover.

In order to become certified the five criteria we must satisfy include:

  1. Adopt as-of-right siting for a renewable or alternative energy facility sbs뉴스 동영상. We propose to do this by creating an overlay zoning area next to the Town Transfer Station (approximately ten acres) for a solar panel field, see map 다운로드.
  2. Provide for an expedited permitting process for this use. We have a draft Zoning Bylaw available, prepared by Mr Ghost exe download. Carlucci.
  3. The Town must provide a proposed energy reduction plan with the objective of a 20% reduction over a five-year period. This will take some work but is manageable.
  4. The Town must commit to purchase only fuel-efficient vehicles. Most of our vehicles are exempt from this criterion, being either heavy-duty trucks or emergency response vehicles, and as a result compliance would not be difficult.
  5. The adoption of the so-classed Stretch Code for our Building Department, which is an optional appendix to the Massachusetts Building Energy Code. The Stretch Code offers a cost-effective route to achieve better energy efficiency. Our Building Inspector advises that the Stretch Code, if adopted, is no stricter than the current code and would have minimal impact on costs of construction. See this link to the Stretch Code bylaw.

We propose bringing the necessary articles to Annual Town Meeting in May of 2016. Preparatory to this meeting, the Long Range Planning Committee (in conjunction with the Planning Board), plans to host an educational forum to enhance Dover residents’ awareness of the benefits of becoming a Certified Green Community. The forum will be held at the Town House, the date of which will be posted soon. The objective is energy conservation and the reward is substantial cost savings and grant money for use by the Town.

Please review the above links to learn as much as you can to become informed. We hope you will learn why so many Massachusetts towns have taken advantage of this opportunity, and will see fit to support this worthy objective