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  • Recycling Guidelines for the Holiday Season As you begin decorating your home and getting ready for the holiday season, The Dover Recycling Committee (DRC) would like you to continue to reduce, reuse, recycle and save money by following  these guidelines regarding disposing of your decorations afterwards 다운로드.Pumpkins –– can be smashed up or cut up for quicker decomposing in your back yards woods or you can bring them and put them in the yard waste area in the Transfer Station 다운로드. Please do not throw these in the trash as they increase the trash weight and cost the town more money to be hauled away and incinerated.Christmas tree, Wreaths, Corn Stalks, Hay and other plants—should be brought in yard waste section of the Transfer Station 다운로드.Wrapping paper— is chemically treated with fire retardant and cannot be recycled.  They should be thrown away in the regular trash 다운로드. The DRC encourages you to be creative and imaginative by using newspapers, brown paper bags (recyclable) or gift bags (reusable) for your gift giving 다운로드.Batteries—Alkaline batteries are not accepted at the transfer station and should be thrown in the regular trash. Non–Alkaline and button batteries are collected separately and should be given to the Transfer Station personnel 다운로드.
  • It’s OK to put LED lightbulbs in the trash. Not so CFL’s and Florescents. (hand to Transfer Station attendant) Household-Haz-Waste-Collection
  • Notice to New Dover Residents

The Town of Dover Highway Department, in collaboration with theDover Recycling Committee, seeks to provide convenient disposal of
household waste at attainable cost while encouraging the removal of compostable and recyclable materials lg전자. We encourage all residents to commit themselves to realizing the impact on our environment. It is only through a collaborative effort that we will achieve this goal 다운로드. This website is designed to help you figure out quick methods of disposal, locations, and education.

Access to the Transfer Station

Dover residents may bring trash and recyclable materials to the Transfer Station once they have obtained a current sticker [no charge] 다운로드. Applications are available here. Stickers are available in the Town Garage (2 Dedham St.) Monday-Friday between 12pm and 5pm or you can get them directly at the Transfer Station.

Contacting the Transfer Station

Hours of Operation: Wed./Sat./Sun. 8:00am-3:45pm
Location: Powissett Street
Highway Dept. Phone: 508-785-0058 (Monday-Friday)
Transfer Station Phone: 781-329-7733 (Wed./Sat./Sun.) Please note: This phone is often unmanned as employees are often outside the office at the Transfer Station. Please call the Highway Dept. during its hours.
Email for general inquiries:


Position Name
Transfer Station Operator Wade Hayes
Assistant Operator Bill Martin