Highway Department

The Highway Department reports to the Town Administrator who reports to the Board of Selectmen. The Highway Department manages the Transfer Station for trash and recycling.  The Superintendent of Streets oversees the Town Engineer and works closely with the Tree Warden vsco 필름. The Highway Department also maintains and repairs all of Dover’s roads, streets, street signs, sidewalks and subsurface drainage systems to provide for safe vehicular and pedestrian traffic 크롬 activex 다운로드. This encompasses:

  • cleaning streets, catch basins, drains and culverts
  • street resurfacing, repair and crack-sealing
  • installation and repair of berms and curbing
  • winter maintenance of streets including snow removal, salting and sanding
  • maintenance and repair of guardrails, street signs and traffic lights 스팀 워크샵 우회 다운로드.
  • maintenance of town vehicles
  • maintenance and operation of the Transfer Station for trash and recycling
  • issue street opening (driveway) permits
  • issue trench permits

Contacting the Highway Department

Office Hours:
Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm and Friday 8am-1pm 다운로드.

Office Location: The Town Garage is located at 2 Dedham Street. (Across the street from the Town House behind the old railroad station.)

Phone: 508-785-0058
Fax: 508-785-8115

Mailing Address:
Highway Department
P.O 다운로드. Box 250
Dover, MA 02030

Position Employee Email
Superintendent of Streets Craig Hughes chughes@doverma.org
Director of Office Admin 무겐 19 다운로드. Nancy Bates nbates@doverma.org
Equipment Operator Robert Beckwith
Equipment Operator Mark Stephenson
Equipment Operator Jim Gorman
Working Foreman Robert Tosi Jr 캡틴아메리카 시빌워 다운로드.
Assistant Mechanic/Heavy Equipment Operator Andrew Wills

Dover Town Code Description of Responsibilities

Dover Town Code
There shall be a Superintendent of Streets appointed annually by the Board of Selectmen 쿠로선배와 검은 저택 다운로드. The Superintendent of Streets’ duties and authority shall include, but shall not be limited to, those specified in M.G.L. ch. 41, §§ 66, 68 and the Dover General and Zoning Bylaws 다운로드.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many miles of road are in Dover?

What do I do if I want to relocate my driveway 인턴십 다운로드?
File an application for a street opening permit.

When will my street be re-paved?
There is a 5-year pavement management plan. Call the Highway Department to review the plan.

When will my street be swept after the winter?
It depends on weather and road conditions. Call us for the weekly schedule.

Where/When can I get a Transfer Station sticker?
Stickers are available in the Town Garage Monday-Friday between 8am and 4pm or you can get them directly at the Transfer Station.

What do I do if my power goes out?
Please call NSTAR 1-800-592-2000.

What do I do if I have a tree problem such as a dead tree or downed limb along the street?
Call us and we will notify the Tree Warden or NSTAR if needed.

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