Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Powisset Farm

Powisset Farm

Powisset Farm, located at 37 Powisset Street, is a fully operational CSA 철권 무릎 다운로드. Following sustainable and organic farming practices, the Trustees of Reservations CSA Program is designed to bring members of the community together to share the farm’s output and, if they wish, become volunteer laborers on the farm 말씀카드. Shareholders “buy a share” of the farm’s harvest each season and bring home a variety of fresh produce from June through October. Most of the vegetables are already harvested for the members when they arrive at the farm; however, peas, beans, flowers, herbs and even strawberries are out in the field for the members to pick themselves visual studio 2015 c++. The farm also sells its own naturally raised pork, grass-fed beef from the Trustees’ Appleton Farms in Ipswich, and other local, seasonal products.

Those who are interested in placing their name on a waiting list are encouraged to e-mail CSA Farm Manager, Meryl LaTronica at 다운로드.


Vanguarden CSA, located on Haven Street, is a community-based farm in Dover, MA.  CSA stands for “community-supported agriculture”, a relatively new business model designed to make small farms economically viable.  Under the CSA model, members sign up in advance for a share of the farm’s produce for an entire growing season, allowing the farmer to focus on growing abundant healthy food 블레이드 2 영화.

For Vanguarden members, vegetables are distributed every week from about May to October.  The season will begin in late May or early June.

The Dover Farm

The Dover Farm, located at 59 Main St, offers a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program net framework 2.0. The Dover Farm, while not certified organic, believes in growing practices that are sustainable, using no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides 다운로드. Please visit their website for a list of crops and continuing farm information. Contact Bryan Austin via email at for more information msbuild.