Conservation Commission

The Dover Conservation Commission is appointed by the Board of Selectmen. The Conservation Commission administers and enforces the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act and the Dover Wetlands Protection
Bylaw, which regulate all activities within 100 feet of any wetland resource or 200 feet of any perennial stream or river. The Commission also oversees the management of more than 450 acres of town-owned conservation land in Dover.

The Massachusetts Legislature passed the Wetlands Protection Act in 1972 다운로드. Conservation Commissions were established in each Commonwealth city and town for the purpose of enforcing this law.

In 1986, revised 1994, revised 2013 the Town of Dover created its own Wetlands Protection Bylaw. The Dover Conservation Commission is charged with the enforcement of this bylaw also.

In addition the Commission provides information to the public regarding wetlands protection and why it is important to them as a homeowner 다운로드.

Any projects proposed within 100′ of wetlands or within 200′ of a perennial waterway require the filing of either a Request for Determination of Applicability or Notice of Intent with the Conservation Commission to obtain a permit. Application forms are required by both the Town of Dover and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

Contacting the Conservation Commission

Office Hours:
Monday – Thursday: 9:00am to 3:30pm
Friday: Closed

Office Location: 1st Floor of the Town House 다운로드.

Telephone: (508) 785-0032 x233
Fax: (508) 785-8114

Mailing Address:
Conservation Commission
P.O. Box 250
Dover, Ma 02030-0250

Position Employee Email
Admin windows 7 k iso. Assistant Lori Hagerty

Conservation Commission Members

Position Member Term Expires Email
Member Sarah Monaco 2022
Member Dave Stapleton 2022
Member James A. McLaughlin 2021
Member Amey Moot 2021
Member Tim Holiner 2020
Member Christy Royer Violin 2022
Chair John Sullivan 2020
Associate Member


Meetings are held twice a month, on Wednesday evenings 다운로드. Please refer to the meeting calendar. Review the Conservation Commission’s meeting minutes for a record of their meetings.

Dover Town Code Description of Responsibilities

Dover Town Code
There shall be a seven-member Conservation Commission appointed by the Board of Selectmen on a rotating basis of two or three members each year for three-year terms 다운로드. Associate members may be appointed by the Board of Selectmen each year to one-year terms as non-voting members. The Conservation Commission’s duties and authority shall include, but shall not be limited to, those specified in M.G.L. ch. 40, § 8C and ch. 131, § 40.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have wetlands on my property 표준프레임워크 파일 다운로드?
Each property owner is responsible for that determination and must hire a qualified wetlands professional to make such an assessment. If your project involves getting a Building Permit, you will be required to supply a letter signed and stamped by a qualified professional engineer, wetlands scientist or land surveyor stating that “no work will be done within 100 feet of wetlands or within 200 feet of a perennial stream or river.” Any work within a 100 foot Buffer Zone from wetlands or 200 feet from a perennial stream or river requires a permit from the Conservation Commission as required by state and local regulations. If there is a question as to whether your project requires such a permit, please call the Conservation Commission office for more information before you begin any work visual studio c++.

Where can I find a qualified wetlands professional to do this work?
Most engineering companies have wetlands professionals on their staff. The yellow pages, MACC (Massachusetts Association of Conservation Commissions in Belmont), or the Internet are resources. The Conservation Commission office also has a list 다운로드.

How long does the filing process usually take?
Once the Conservation Commission receives a complete filing the following time schedule generally applies: Notice of Intent- a hearing is scheduled within 21 days. There would typically be a minimum of 2 hearings (or one month), with a site visit scheduled after the hearing is opened. A decision must be issued within 21 days after the hearing is closed 다운로드. Request for Determination of Applicability- a decision must be issued within 21 days of receipt of a complete application.

What are the filing fees?
For fees call the Conservation Commission office at 508-785-0032 ext. 233 or email

Where can I go for a walk in Dover?
For information on walking trails owned or managed by the Conservation Commission and organizations other than the Town of Dover click here.

Are Dogs allowed in Wylde Woods?
Dogs are allowed in Wylde Woods as long as they are under owner control at all times and cleaned up after.

Are Horses allowed in Wylde Woods?
Yes, you are welcome to use the trails in Wylde Woods for horseback riding.

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