Booking Rooms


The Board of Selectmen’s office handles scheduling of certain space in the Town House for governmental entities 다운로드. This includes the Fireside Room, Lower Conference Room, Selectmen’s Meeting Room and the Great Hall.

Governmental entities holding meetings in the Town House should contact the Selectmen’s office to reserve the room at least 48 hours in advance 다운로드. Meetings need to be posted with the Town Clerk 48 hours in advance at a minimum.

There are other rooms available to use for both governmental entities and non-governmental organizations 산돌 제비 다운로드. Contact the Superintendent of Buildings at 508-785-0032 ext. 235 to book space in the Caryl Community Center for non-governmental or governmental groups 디자인 이력서 다운로드. Also contact the Superintendent of Buildings for non-governmental use of the Great Hall. Contact the Library to book space in the Library 코코멜론 다운로드.