Warrant Committee

The Warrant Committee is appointed by the Town Moderator who is elected. The Warrant Committee is the town’s finance committee. It works in concert with all town committees and departments including the Capital Budget Committee and the Board of Selectmen 유앤아이체 다운로드. The Warrant Committee’s function is to review, vet and recommend to the Board of Selectmen and town voters the annual budget and all town articles in preparation for the Annual Town Meeting.

Contacting the Warrant Committee

Mailing Address:
Warrant Committee
P.O. Box 250
Dover, MA 02030


Position Member Term Expires Email
Member Steve Migausky  2021  smigausky@gmail.com
Vice Chair Gordon Kinder 2020  gkinder@doverma.org
Member Kate Cannie 2020 kcannie@doverma.org
Chair Andrew Ursitti 2020  andyursitti@gmail.com
Member Melissa Herman 2022  mlherman@gmail.com
Member Cam Hudson 2022  chudson@doverma.org
Member Robert Andrews 2021  randrews@doverma.org
Secretary Peter Smith 2021 psmith@doverma.org
 Member Janet McCormick 2022  jkmccormick9@gmail.com
Selectmen’s Liaison Bob Springett 2021 rspringett@doverma.org


The Warrant Committee generally meets once a week from September to May 다운로드. Check the Town Calendar for meeting dates and times. Review the Warrant Committee’s meeting minutes for a record of their meetings.

Dover Town Code Description of Responsibilities

Dover Town Code
4-26 Membership; terms of office; vacancies 다운로드.
There shall be a nine-member Warrant Committee appointed by the Moderator on a rotating basis with three members appointed each year for three-year terms. No member shall serve more than two successive three-year terms. A vacancy resulting from resignation of a member shall be filled by majority vote of the remaining members 천로역정 더빙판 다운로드. No member shall serve in any other Town office or committee except as a representative of the Warrant Committee.

4-27 Duties
The Warrant Committee shall consider and investigate the various articles in the warrants for all Town Meetings. It shall be the duty of the Selectmen, immediately after signing any Town Meeting warrant, to transmit a copy of the same to each member of the Warrant Committee 윈도우즈 10 무료 다운로드. It shall be the duty of the Town officers and committees to furnish the Warrant Committee with all information requested by the Warrant Committee relative to the matters considered by it.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Warrant Committee meet?
The Warrant Committee generally meets once a week from September to May 건강정보 앱. Check the Town Calendar for meeting dates and times.

Are meetings open to the public?
Yes. All Warrant Committee meetings are open to the public.

How does one get on the Warrant Committee?
Members of the Warrant Committee are appointed by the Moderator 다운로드.

How does an article get on the Warrant?
There is more than one way for an article to get on the Warrant. The first way is for the Board of Selectmen to determine what items can get on the Town Warrant for Town Meeting. In addition to that, in Massachusetts, residents may place articles on the warrant without approval of the Selectmen by petitioning to insert the article 데스노트 만화 다운로드. Petitions to insert an article on the warrant for an Annual Town Meeting require ten signatures of eligible Dover voters. Petitions to insert an article on the warrant for a Special Town Meeting require 100 signatures or the signatures of ten per cent of the registered voters in the town, whichever is less. The Warrant for the Annual Town Meeting is usually open for acceptance of articles in early December and closes in late January. Please call the Selectmen’s Office for more information 다운로드. (508-785-0032 ext. 221)

Is it possible for citizens to review Articles prior to Town Meeting?
Yes. There is an Open Hearing in March open to all residents of Dover. Also, the Warrant Committee sends out a “blue book” with their recommendations on the articles prior to Town Meeting in May.

Is the blue book available online 훈민정음 무료 다운로드?
The Warrant Committee sends an electronic copy of the blue book to the town’s IT Department for posting on the homepage of the town website at the same time it is ready in hard copy. It is made available on the homepage of the Dover Town Website until Town Meeting occurs.

How long does a member of the Warrant Committee serve?
Terms are for 3 years.