Town Report Committee

The Town Report Committee reviews and edits annual reports submitted by all Town Departments, Committees, Schools, etc 다운로드. The Town Report Committee arranges and negotiates costs for the design, layout, publishing & distribution; hopefully producing an accurate and tasteful permanent record of town activities 아프리카 tv vod 다운로드.


Position Name Term Expires
Chair Kathy Weld 2020
Member Jill French 2022
Member Dee Douglas 2021
Member Hadley Reynolds 2021
Member Mary Kalamaras 2022


Check the Town Calendar for meeting dates and times jre7. Review the Town Report Committee’s meeting minutes for a record of their meetings.

Dover Town Code Description of Responsibilities

Dover Town Code
There shall be a five-member Town Report Committee appointed by the Board of Selectmen on a rotating basis of one or two members each year for three-year terms 다운로드. The Committee shall be responsible for publishing the Town Report pursuant to the Dover General Bylaws ch. 3, § 3-1 pcmark.