Town Administrator Search Committee

  1. The Board of Selectmen (the “Board”), hereby appoints a Search Committee to assist in the Screening of candidates for Town Administrator 김범수 하루.
  2. The Search Committee shall work collaboratively with the staff of the Collins Center for Public Management at UMASS Boston (the “Collins Center”) along the lines described in the Collins Center Scope of Services dated September 6th, 2018, which is incorporated by
  3. The Search Committee, with the assistance of the Collins Center, shall recommend three to five candidates to the Board as finalists for the position of Town Administrator 사진 뷰어 다운로드. The recommendations shall be unranked, and the finalists should be fully vetted before the Search Committee makes its recommendation.
  4. In carrying out its work the Search Committee will utilize the Profile approved by the Board to guide its work as well as the professional advice of the Collins Center staff 다운로드.
  5. To the extent permitted by law, the Search Committee shall maintain the names and any information about candidates in strict confidence until it votes its
  6. It is the intention of the Board for the Search Committee to function as a governmental body as that term is defined in the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law 번역툴바. Citizens designated to be members of the Committee will be sworn in by the Town Clerk at the initial organizational meeting.


The Board has provided for consideration a Candidate Profile* – based on the Board’s expectation of the challenges and opportunities the new administrator would may encounter:

  1. Management – plan, organize, resource, track, adapt and report:
    1. Set goals, develop key performance metrics, management reporting, results oriented Fancy download.
    2. Staff management, development and training; feedback and formal performance assessments
    3. Span of control, communication and coordination responsibilities
  1. Personal Attributes and Characteristics
    1. Collaborative Leadership – to perform at a high level and collaborate with and influence those not under her/his direct control 다운로드.
    2. Strong communicator
    3. Forward looking, adaptable, brings out the best in people
    4. Work/life experiences demonstrate ability to excel in Dover’s environment
  1. Skills and Experience – given the broad role and responsibilities
    1. Work History – demonstrates ability to achieve results and reasonable stability
    2. Municipal Law – working understanding of the regulatory and compliance framework likely to be encountered in the day to day work
    3. Financial acumen
    4. Technological literacy
    5. Professional Credentials
    6. Professional Network
  1. Other
    1. References
    2. Reputation


  • Please consider the administrator’s various roles a) legalistic: knows town by laws, state laws and regulations, procurement procedures, warrant articles construction, town meeting procedures, advisory; b) management: financial; budgets, municipal accounting, treasurer’s office, c) technology d) resident services and communication; e) coordination and collaboration across town entities 다운로드.

A final profile shall be presented to the Board for approval.



Position Name Email Expires
Chair Felicia Hoffman at conclusion of search
Member Mary Carrigan at conclusion of search
Member Dawn Fattore at conclusion of search
Member Robyn Hunter at conclusion of search
Member Michael Jaffe at conclusion of search
Member Carol Lisbon at conclusion of search
Member Dickson Smith at conclusion of search



Check the Town Calendar for meeting dates and times. Meeting minutes will be posted on this page 다운로드.


10-4 Town Administrator Search Committee Minutes

11-29 Town Administrator Search Committee Minutes

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4-29 Town Administrator Search Committe Minutes