Technology Advisory Board

Mission: Appointed by the Board of Selectmen, the Technology Advisory Board (TAB) will address technology development within the Town and coordinate its actions with all independently elected Boards and Commissions 다운로드.

Membership: This Board will consist of five voting members, serving staggered two-year terms and five ex-officio members (non-voting) serving one-year terms and representing:

• Board of Health designee

• IT Coordinator

• Town Administrator or designee

• Warrant Committee designee

• Regional School Department designee

Activities: The TAB shall advise the Board of Selectmen, Town Administrator and other senior administrative staff, as appropriate, on resources and priorities concerning all aspects of computing, information management, and communication technology 델파이 ftp 다운로드. It will also review and make recommendations concerning the Town’s planning and implementation of plans for current and proposed computing and information technologies 다운로드. The TAB’s goals include the enhancement of Town processes, through the effective use of technology, to maximize effectiveness and minimize unnecessary redundancy and cost 다운로드. The TAB’s recommendations should support the goals and objectives of the Town for the proper use of computing resources by staff. The TAB shall also be a source of input and feedback regarding matters of administrative computing, communication, and information technology needs and requirements 다운로드.



Position Name Email Expires
Member Paul Smith  2021
Member Gregg Wright  2021
Member Myank Jain  2021
Member Rui Huang  2021
Member Gerald L 인생은 아름다워 다운로드. Clarke 2021
Member Greg Kahoun  2021
IT Designee Diana Piesak 2020
Reg’l 러브유어셀프인서울 다운로드. School Rep. Anthony Ritacco  2020
Warrant Comm 다운로드. Rep. Cam Hudson 2020
Selectman Designee Robert Springett 2020
Town Administrator Christopher Dwelley 2020



Check the Town Calendar for meeting dates and times. Meeting minutes will be posted on this page 다운로드.


7-22 TAB mins

8-20 TAB mins