Board of Appeals

The Board of Appeals holds public hearings to review applications for variances, special permits and comprehensive permits. Variances are necessary when a lot/structure cannot meet the requirements of the zoning By-law. Special permits are necessary for such uses as home occupation, family apartments, stores, business, etc. Comprehensive permits are issued for developments in which at least portions of the lots are to be marketed as affordable housing.

Contacting the Board of Appeals

Office Hours: By appointment; Application Forms at Town Clerk’s office

Phone: 508-785-0032 ext. 226
Fax: 508-785-2341

Mailing Address:
Board of Appeals
P.O. Box 250
Dover, MA 02030


Position Name Term Expires Email
Member Tobe Deutschmann 2022
Member R. Alan Fryer 2022
Member LaVerne Lovell 2021
Associate Member Hamilton Hackney 2022
Associate Member Michael Donovan 2020


Meetings are held in the Town House, Town Library and/or site visitation. Meetings are only held when an application is pending. Review the Board of Appeal’s meeting minutes for a record of their meetings.

Dover Town Code Description of Responsibilities

Dover Town Code
There shall be a three-member Board of Appeals appointed by the Board of Selectmen on a rotating basis of one member each year for a three-year term. Each year the Board of Selectmen shall also appoint two associate members for one-year terms. The Board of Appeals’ duties and authority shall include, but shall not be limited to, those specified in M.G.L. ch. 41, §§ 81Z, 81 AA.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of coming before the Board of Appeals?

  1. File an application with the Town Clerk. ($150.00 fee)
  2. Notice in newspaper for 2 weeks
  3. Notice to abutters
  4. First hearing
  5. Site visitation and follow up hearings
  6. Decision Written
  7. Decision Filed
  8. 20 Day Appeal Period
  9. How do I know what Dover’s rules and regulations are? You can view Dover’s By-laws and Code.