Police Department

The Dover Police Department is a full service police staffed by sixteen full time police officers. They are trained, equipped and ready to handle any type of situation that may manifest itself. The officers do their utmost to prevent crime, educate the public and assist in the resolution of problems. In addition, they stand ready to investigate any of the few crimes that are committed and diligently work to identify those responsible for crime and prosecute them for the offenses dvd shrink. In addition to their singular duties, the department also operates the emergency communications center. They receive calls for a whole host of both emergency and non-emergency public services, including the fire department, ambulance/emt service and the animal control officer, and dispatch the necessary departments to deal with the request. The communications center and department is full staffed seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.

The Animal Control Officer is a sub-unit of the Dover Police Department. She is responsible for the enforcement of local and state animal control by-laws, rules and regulations.  Elaine Yoke is also the Dover Board of Health Animal Inspector 다운로드.

Contacting the Police Department

Non-Emergency Telephone: (508) 785-1130
Fax: (508) 785-0683

Website: Dover Police Department

Street Address:
3 Walpole Street
Dover, Ma 02030

Mailing Address:
Police Department
P.O. Box 192
Dover, Ma 02030


Chief of Police: Peter A. McGowan

16 full time police officers, 4 part time police officers,
1 part time administrative assistant, 1 co-op student,
1 part time animal control officer

The Dover Police Department is Pleased to Announce the Availability of a New Police Iphone and Android Application

The app named “My Police Department” or “MyPD” is available free of charge and does not include any advertisements or pop-ups. This app includes features for checking on the latest news, social media postings, directions, department contacts, submitting feedback & questions, department surveys, submitting crime tips, and more 다운로드.

We hope that people download and use the app to communicate with the department. There are topics for tips and questions already built into the app to make things easy for the user. We are attempting to remove much of the guess work and allow the public to conveniently choose a topic and make sure that message gets to the correct Officer.  Often times people know what they need or want information about but are unsure who to direct the question or comment to.

The Dover Police Department Will Dispose of Your Unwanted Prescription Drugs

If you have prescription drugs in your medicine cabinet that you no longer need, the Dover Police Department has a new drug take-back container – and you are invited to use it 애니갓 애니 다운로드. The new secure prescription drug collection container can be found in the police lobby of the Dover Police Department.

The container is self-serve and there is no paperwork or questions involved – it is as easy as returning a library book in a drop box. Taking a few minutes out of your week to safely dispose of un-used prescriptions, particularly pain pills, might save someone a lifetime of addiction and its consequences.
Read the entire press release here.

Other Resources

Voices Against Violence is the domestic violence and sexual assault agency designated by the State of MA for residents of Dover 파워 포인트 다운로드. They provide information, counseling and support to survivors and their significant others.  All of their services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL to all people regardless of race, religion, age, income, marital status, or sexual orientation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I dispose of prescription drugs?
If you have prescription drugs in your medicine cabinet that you no longer need, the Dover Police Department has a drug take-back container – and you are invited to use it debloater 다운로드. The container is self-serve and there is no paperwork or questions involved – it is as easy as returning a library book in a drop box.

Is there a noise by-law in Dover?
No! When we receive noise complaints we try to resolve them without having to determine the offending party a disturber of the peace.

What is the speed limit in Dover?
The speed varies depending upon the area, the speed (unless otherwise posted is 20 MPH in a school zone, 30 MPH in a thickly settled district and 40 MPH outside the thickly settled 다운로드. In no case is a speed greater than 40 MPH permitted.

Is Dover a safe community?
Yes!! Dover is an extremely safe community. We have one of the lowest crime rates of communities our size in the state.

Can we restrict the number of cars coming through town?
No! Dover streets, for the most part, are public ways. We cannot bar people from using them but we can and do require they observe the laws.

Are there biking rules in Dover 찬송가 1장 다운로드?
There are no biking lanes on Dover’s streets. State bicycle laws can be accessed here. The Conservation Commission and the Parks and Recreation department have information on off-road biking.

Animal Control FAQ

What animals need to be licensed?
Only dogs need licenses in Dover 38사기동대. Dog licenses are issued annually by the Town Clerk’s office. New dogs should be licensed as soon as they arrive in Dover. Proof of an up-to-date rabies vaccination is required for the license.

How do I report a lost or loose pet/animal?
Call the Dover Police Department (508- 785-1130) and they will contact the Animal Control Office, if necessary.

How do I report an injured or dead animal?
Call the Dover Police Department (508-785-1130) and they will notify the Animal Control Officer or the Highway Department, as appropriate 다운로드.

Is there a leash law in Dover?
No, there is no leash law per se! We do have a by-law which mandates the owner to be in control of the animal at all times. If the animal is not within sight of their owner, they are not in control. Various open space recreation properties in Dover have different rules regarding dog walking so please check the rules for specific properties that are available on this website.

What do I do about noisy pets or animals?
Dover does not have a by-law regarding noisy animals. We hope that neighbors will work together to address any problems associated with pets or farm animals. If problems persist, please contact the Dover Police Department (508-785-1130).

Do my farm, barn, or farm animals need to be inspected?
The Dover Board of Health Animal Inspector is responsible for the inspection of barns, livestock and waterfowl. An inspection is done annually to assess the conditions under which animals are being kept and if they appear free of contagious disease, and to check the status of disease testing and inoculation.